Distinctions and scholarships

IVA recognises and rewards important work in natural sciences, engineering and economics with medals, scholarships and awards. In most cases the funding for these comes from donations. 
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IVA awards its Great Gold Medal in recognition of outstanding achievements in the Academy’s focus areas. 

The Academy’s Great Gold Medal 2019 was awarded to Hans Dalborg, PhD Econ. for his achievements in developing the Swedish finance sector and the Swedish model for corporate governance, in combination with his commitment to social issues involving significant contributions to research and culture.

The Academy’s Gold Medal 2019 was awarded to Daniel Ek, Chairman and Martin Lorentzon, D.Eng. h.c., for creating the company Spotify which has fundamentally changed the music industry and put an end to music piracy. As innovators and entrepreneurs, they have built one of the few (possibly the only) European tech companies that has succeeded in competing with Chinese and American giants.

The Academy’s Gold Medal 2019 was awarded to Lena Olving, MSc Eng. for her achievements as an innovator and leader of businesses at the front lines of technology. Her progressive and ground-breaking leadership makes her a role model for leaders of technically advanced companies in a global market.

The Academy’s Gold Medal 2019 was awarded to Professor Max Tegmark for his contributions to our understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos and the opportunities and risks associated with artificial intelligence. He has courageously tackled these existential questions in his research and, in a commendable way, succeeded in communicating the issues to a wider public.

The Assembly of the Academy selects the medal recipients based on proposals prepared by the Medal Committee, the members of which are appointed by the Academy’s Executive Committee.

King Carl XVI Gustaf 50th Anniversary Fund

The Purpose of the Fund is to promote research, technical development and enterprise that contributes to the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity. Every year the fund awards around 15 scholarships of SEK 85,000 to individuals, groups, institutions or companies active in Sweden.

The foundation’s board chooses the scholarship recipients. The candidates are nominated by individuals who are members of IVA and/or active in research and enterprise. The scholarships are announced on HM The King’s birthday and presented at a reception at the Royal Palace.

IVA’s Scientific Journalism Award (Hans Bergström Award)

Do you know of a person active in the field of journalism who you think is a good example of a scientific approach in the media and deserves to be recognised for that? You can nominate that person for IVA’s Scientific Journalism Award – the Hans Bergström Award. For more information, please contact helena.mehra@iva.se.

Hans Werthén Foundation

Scholarships in natural sciences, technology, leadership, economics and law.

Every year the Hans Werthén Foundation awards around 15 scholarships for a year of scientific work at the postdoc or doctoral candidate level or for MBA or LL.M studies in an international setting.

The scholarship is between SEK 100,000 and 200,000. The recipients are to be between the ages of 25 and 35 and have at least an undergraduate degree but preferably a PhD. Recipients are also to have been engaged in activity after graduation – preferable research activity or private sector experience – in which they have developed their expertise. 

The foundation’s board chooses the scholarship recipients. The board members are: Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chair), Marianne Feledy Werthén, Pam Fredman, Leif Johansson, Hans Stråberg, Marcus Wallenberg and Victoria van Camp (deputy). 

For information about how to apply, contact alicia.parvin@iva.se.

Wallenberg Academy Fellows

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is a career programme where the most promising young researchers in natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities receive resources for long-term development of their ventures. The programme was created by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in close cooperation with five royal academies and sixteen Swedish universities.

The universities nominate the candidates. The academies select the most promising candidates and the final selection is made by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The programme is open to Swedish and foreign researchers.