IFG – IVA’s leadership programme

IFG is a leadership programme that assembles a broad range of expertise and builds strong networks in fields with the potential to be strategically important for Sweden’s future industrial development.

The programme runs for three years and consists of 15 carefully selected members. All of the members have leadership responsibility in research and development and each member represents a unique field within the Programme. The objective is to offer the next generation of R&D leaders an opportunity to develop in their role by providing a forum for fresh ideas on how research, development and innovation activities can be run.

Being a member of the IFG involves sharing knowledge and work methods. The backbone of the Programme’s activities is the field trips to the participants’ companies/organisations during the programme’s three-year period. The focus is on R&D and innovation.

Another important element is the annual study and inspiration trip to another country. The members jointly decide on destinations in countries or regions that are particularly interesting from an R&D or innovation perspective.

IFG was founded in 1970 and there are now more than 200 IFG alumni.

IFG 2021

During prevailing circumstances because of COVID-19, IFG has not been able to complete this fiscal year. The program will start again in 2021, with the same members as in 2020. No new members will be admitted in 2021.

List of members 2020 & 2021