IFG – IVA’s leadership programme

IFG assembles a broad range of expertise and builds strong networks in fields with the potential to be strategically important for Sweden’s future industrial development.  

IFG consists of 15 carefully selected members; people who are the heads of research and development for the companies and organisations where they work. IFG offers the next generation of R&D leaders an opportunity to develop in their role by providing a forum for fresh ideas on how research, development and innovation activities can be run.

IFG consists of 15 carefully selected individuals recommended by IVA members and elected for three years. All of the IFG members have leadership responsibility in research and development and each member represents a unique field within the Programme.

Being a member of the IFG involves sharing knowledge and work methods. The backbone of the Programme’s activities is the field trips to the participants’ companies/organisations during the programme’s three-year period. The focus is on R&D and innovation.

Another important element is the annual study and inspiration trip to another country. The members jointly decide on destinations in countries or regions that are particularly interesting from an R&D or innovation perspective.

IFG was founded in 1970 and there are now more than 150 IFG alumni.


Are you interested in participating or would you like to recommend a candidate for next years’ Programme?

Please apply to join or nominate someone for next year’s Programme by 30 September. The candidate should not be an IVA fellow.

After the application deadline suitable candidates will be screened by the relevant divisions at IVA acting as reference groups. Five people will be chosen to participate in next year’s IFG.

For 2018 we are mainly looking for individuals in fields corresponding to the following IVA Divisions: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Basic and Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences, Biotechnology and Information Technology. Other IVA focus areas may also be considered.

Contact information

Elin Elliot
Head of International Affairs
Phone +46 8-791 29 28