Gold Medals

For over 100 years IVA has recognised outstanding contributions to technology, economics, business and society by awarding Gold Medals to individuals who, through outstanding work, have helped to create a better society.

IVA awards its Great Gold Medal in recognition of outstanding achievements in the Academy’s focus areas. IVA’s Gold Medals are awarded for important achievements in the areas of invention, research, knowledge communication, technology and administration.

The jury explains its selection of the IVA Gold Medal recipients in 2022 as follows:

  • Professor Lars Samuelson is awarded the Great Gold Medal for his internationally recognised, outstanding achievements as an innovative researcher and research director in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and for putting his scientific results to use, especially in the area of semiconductor technology.
  • Victoria van CampEng is awarded the Gold Medal for her outstanding ability to demonstrate and highlight the pleasure and the importance of pursuing a career in engineering, and for her outstanding achievements as a leader in technology development and new business models for the transition to sustainable growth.
  • Peter Carlsson MSc Bus. Econ., CEO and a founder of Northvolt, is awarded the Gold Medal for his outstanding entrepreneurship, leadership and innovative ability in running and developing groundbreaking megaprojects in battery manufacturing for society’s transition to a fossil-free energy supply.
  • Peter Löthberg is awarded the Gold Medal for his exceptional work on the global development of the internet and its establishment early on in Sweden.

The Assembly of the Academy selects the medal recipients based on proposals prepared by the Medal Committee, the members of which are appointed by the Academy’s Executive Committee.