Internationally the Academy’s purpose is to promote Swedish competitiveness and at the same time sustainable development. This is done by representing Sweden in assemblies with other engineering and technological sciences academies, making sure that Swedish expertise has global reach in international debate and public policy projects.

Currently the IVA network representing IVA internationally are:

Ann-Christine Albertsson (div IV) is Chair of the SAPEA working group 'Biodegradability of Plastics in the Open Environment Science'.  

Lennart Fredenberg and Ulla Sandborgh (div II) are engaged in the CAETS report 'Solutions for High Level Penetration of Intermittent Renewable Energy'.

Jan Gulliksen and Fredrik Heintz (div XII) are engaged in the Euro-CASE work on Future of Work.

Göran Grimvall (div VII) is engaged in a benchmark of technology education in different school systems, conducted by the French Engineering Academy, Académie des Technologies. 

Mohammed Homman (Business Executive Council) is engaged in the CAETS covid-19 Special Committee.

John Hassler (div. IX) is committed to the SAPEA Scientific Advice on Pandemics.

Johan Kuylenstierna (adjunct IVA-representative) takes part in the CAETS Sustainable Development working group.

Margareta Norell Bergendahl (div. I), Reviewer ‘Euro-CASE Engineering Education Platform - Discourses on the Future of Engineering Education in Europe

Lennart Bergström (div. IV), Panelist, "The Evolution of STEM Research Culture" Annual Meeting, New York Academy of Sciences

Pontus Johnson (div II), Committee member EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium 2019/2021

Contact information

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Head of International Affairs
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