Support IVA’s long-term work for a better future

Through contributions from foundations, companies and private individuals, IVA can continue to, on the basis of an independent position and on a scientific basis, influence important societal issues.
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In 2019, IVA turned 100 years and through the fundraising for IVA's Jubilee Fund, we have had the opportunity to focus over the next ten years on two important initiatives for Sweden - Knowledge and Entrepreneurship - to create a competitive business community and strengthen Sweden's position as a leading knowledge nation. We now want to continue to create the conditions for further investments where IVA can quickly become involved in important societal issues. Our ambition is therefore to also finance IVA's work in the long term in digitalisation, energy and the new technical solutions that are necessary to meet climate change. IVA has a number of projects and activities underway in these areas and wants to contribute to the development through analyzes, discussions and proposals that promote sustainable development.

If you want to contribute, you can deposit your donation on IVA’s bank account at Handelsbanken, 6110-014920301, or Bankgiro 726-5101. 

For international wire transfers the details are as follows:
IBAN: SE1160000000000014920301

Indicate IVA Centennial Fund on your payment. If you would like your name to be included on IVA’s Donation Wall, please include it as well.

Contact information

Katarina Mellström
Senior Director
Phone +46 (0)70-309 22 50