Nationwide activities

The Academy arranges over 100 meetings throughout Sweden every year that are open to all and free of charge. 

At breakfast meetings, seminars and conferences, issues relating to today’s society are discussed. IVA’s projects also benefit from various meetings at which project proposals are discussed and developed, and input on project issues can be gathered.

Luleå, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund are hubs for IVA’s national network. The Office of the Academy and the Conference Centre are located in Stockholm. Committees in other locations are responsible for local activities and receive support from the Office of the Academy.

These committees include IVA members and at least one representative from the Business Executives Council, all with regional ties:


Göran Carlsson (Chairman), Lars-Eric Aaaro (Vice Chairman), Johan Sterte (Vice Chairman), Lennart Elfgren (Secretary), Stina Blombäck, Lena Gustafsson, Lars Stehn and Pia Sandvik Wiklund


Marianne Dicander (Chairman), Malin Persson (Vice Chairman), Håkan Simonsen (Vice Chairman), Gustaf Wahlström (Secretary), Ingvar Andersson, Sofia Börjesson, Lena Smedby-Udesen, Johan Woxenius, Hasse Johansson, Anna Holmberg (adjunct member) and Michel Westher (adjunct member).


Karl-Erik Årzén (Chairman), Göran Harrysson (Vice Chairman), Hamidija Jusufagic, Johan Linåker (adjunct member), Sven Mattisson, Lena Neij (Vice Chairman), Yvonne Mårtensson, Lennart Schön and Tord Cedell.