Student Council


Through its projects the Student Council explores issues such as the image of an engineer and the importance of having good role models to inspire people to join the engineering profession. The Student Council is now building on insights gained from a project entitled Educated Engineers. The Council’s goal is for more young people to have an engineer as a role model. 

Education and research are prioritised areas for IVA. The Student Council exists to provide IVA with a current student perspective and a comprehensive insight into higher education in Sweden. The Council brings important issues to the debate, within and outside IVA, and promotes knowledge exchange between the generations. The Student Council consists of students from Sweden’s universities offering engineering programmes, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Stockholm School of Economics and the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. The Council’s work is largely in the form of projects run at the national and regional levels. Examples of themes addressed are collaboration between business/industry and students, interest among young people in technology, upper secondary school graduates’ choices in higher education, and entrepreneurship. 


IVA Student Council 2015  


Lovisa Bergström
Linköping University of Technology

Anna Holmberg
University of Gothenburg

Michel Wester
Chalmers University of Technology

Erik Schuss
Stockholm School of Economics

Johan Linåker
Lund Faculty of Engineering

Albin Hübsch
Umeå University

Axelina Flote
Luleå University of Technology

Diana Diez
Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

Cecilia Molinder
Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

Gisela Jönsson
Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

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