The Business Executives Council

IVA is an open and cross-boundary forum – an independent academy that builds bridges between the research, business and political spheres. The Business Executives Council, whose members are mainly medium and large companies, ensures that IVA has strong links to the business community and is a vital part of IVA.

As a member of the Business Executives Council you are at the heart of the Academy’s network which, in addition to around 250 executive-level company representatives, consists of close to 1,300 Swedish and international IVA fellows. In a year, more than 100 meetings, seminars, workshops, hearings and field trips are arranged in Sweden and abroad by the Academy. 

Activities organised by the Business Executives Council

Breakfast meetings

At the Business Executives Council’s breakfast meetings, top profiles in business and industry share their perspectives on highly topical issues during an hour of conversation moderated by the Chair of the Business Executives Council. The breakfast meetings are held in the Banquet Hall at IVA on Grev Turegatan, Stockholm. This facility dates back to 1898 and is one of the few parts of the building that survived the big fire in 1913. The press at the time described it like this: “it is probably Stockholm’s largest and most beautiful banqueting room, in gold and white.” The breakfast – served at Restaurant Grodan in the same building – is enjoyed at round tables to facilitate interaction and conversation. Past speakers include Jacob Wallenberg, Ian Lundin, Anna-Kinberg Batra, Martin Lundstedt and Pia Sandvik. The breakfast meetings are open to all, but are free of charge for students and members of the Business Executives Council, and can be livestreamed (and viewed afterwards in a recording) at

Knowledge trips

The Business Executives Council’s knowledge-gathering trips are designed to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in business and industry from a regional and local perspective: what strong, international companies based outside Stockholm are doing to become more attractive and innovative. The two-day knowledge trips are arranged in cooperation with the Business Executives Council’s hubs in Lidvika, Småland, Skåne, Luleå and Östergötland. Examples of topics covered are: attracting talent in small towns, seasonal enterprise and production collaboration with universities. IKEA, ABB and Eon are among the companies that have been visited.

Maximum number of participants/trip: 25

Informative lunches

Twice a year the Business Executives Council invites its members and others who are interested to an informative lunch at IVA in Stockholm. The participants have the chance to discuss and learn more about the activities of the Business Executives Council and IVA. The Chair of the Business Executives Council and IVA’s President host the lunches, and the directors of IVA’s four focus areas and of Tekniksprånget/Jobbsprånget talk about current activities within their respective areas. The meetings provide an excellent opportunity for conversation and insight into IVA’s ongoing and future projects.

Maximum number of participants/meeting: 40

Annual meeting seminar

In connection with the Business Executives Council’s annual meeting, a larger, forward-looking seminar is arranged to which leading representatives from the business community, academia and the political sphere are invited to share their perspectives and input on topical issues. The seminar is open to all, but is free for the Business Executives Council’s members and students, and can be livestreamed (and watched afterwards in a recording) at

The Business Executives Council’s networks

Medium and large companies have the opportunity to be part of the Business Executives Council’s networks to share knowledge and experience in areas of common interest, and to provide input to IVA’s projects. Confidentiality and mutual respect for different opinions are important at network meetings in order to promote discussion that is as honest, open and meaningful as possible.

  • CTO Round Table – New technologies and technology shifts
    This network was formed in 2017 to meet a need to gather CTOs from Sweden’s leading industrial enterprises to share knowledge on common challenges. Target group: CTOs CIOs/CINOs or those in similar corporate leadership roles.
  • Future Digital Leaders – Digitalisation as a force for renewal and innovation
    This network was formed in 2017 to engage younger digital leaders in IVA’s network and to stimulate experience-sharing between them and more senior leaders with many years of industry experience. Target group: CEOs, COOs or those in similar corporate leadership roles.
  • Culture and structure for companies of tomorrow
    This network was established in 2020 for knowledge- and experience-sharing around future talent supply and attractiveness. Target group: CHROs or those in a similar corporate leadership role.
  • Technology Manager Network for Innovation and Collaborations 
    This network was formed in 2021 and gathers technology managers with a strong commitment to development and growth work, where new technology and sustainability play a central role. The members represent medium-sized Swedish companies or multinational, foreign companies established in Sweden with research and development and sometimes production in Sweden.