About the membership

As a member of the Business Executives Council you are at the heart of the Academy’s network which, in addition to around 250 executive-level company representatives, consists of close to 1,300 Swedish and international IVA fellows. In a year, more than 100 meetings, seminars, workshops, hearings and field trips are arranged in Sweden and abroad by the Academy. The Business Executives Council also has a number of its own networks, including for CTOs and digital leaders.

IVA has been a meetingplace for Sweden’s future for more than 100 years. I very much look forward to continuing to contribute to its endeavours going forward.

Magdalena Gerger, CEO Systembolaget and Chair of the Business Executives Council

Membership benefits include:

  • Meetings with other top decision-makers
  • Seminars on highly topical issues
  • Opportunities to participate in IVA’s projects
  • Field trips in Sweden and abroad
  • Participation in IVA’s and the Business Executives Council’s networks throughout Sweden
  • Invitation to attend IVA’s Annual Meeting
  • Access to IVA’s offices in Stockholm
  • Discounts at IVA’s Conference Centre
  • Publications, reports, IVA Aktuellt magazine and newsletters
  • Digital roster – contact information for IVA’s entire network
  • Free breakfast meetings with speakers talking about topical issues, organised by the Business Executives Council

What does it cost?

The annual fees collected from the Business Executives Council’s members are an important source of long-term revenue and are based on the number of employees in a year (full-time equivalent) employed by the company in Sweden. Subsidiaries of full-paying groups of companies receive a 25-percent discount. Organisations contribute two basic amounts per year.

1–5 = 0.10 basic amount

6–10 = 0.25 basic amount

11–50 = 0.5 basic amount

51–200 = 1 basic amount

201–500 = 1.5 basic amounts

501–1,000 = 2 basic amounts

1,001–5000 = 2.5 basic amounts

5,001–10,000 = 3 basic amounts

More than 10,000 = 3.5 basic amounts

Basic amount 2021: SEK 47,600

Companies that are members of the Business Executives Council are represented by their CEO and executives appointed by the CEO. Member companies can also appoint any number of individuals to receive invitations etc.