Sweden needs safe and sustainable access to energy at competitive prices

Energy - Sustainability

Sweden’s energy supply and energy system are facing sweeping changes in terms of both demand and what types of energy will meet the need.  

By 2030, the current nuclear power plants will be ready for retirement, as will the first generation of wind power. The power grid needs new technology and capacity.

There are big changes taking place in the energy markets globally. The so-called shale gas revolution in the USA is having repercussions around the world and, for the first time, it is predicted that the world may not be facing a significant rise in energy costs, but falling prices instead.

There is also discussion within the EU on new energy and climate policy goals for 2030. The way these are designed will have an important impact on the direction of Sweden’s development and energy policy. 

Sweden needs long-term rules for energy. The Swedish electricity system is at a crossroads.