There is only one Planet Earth.

Climate change is an existential threat to all life on Earth. With the knowledge Sweden possesses, our innovative capacity and our high-tech industries, we can help to find sustainable solutions.

An important issue that requires a broad approach. Multiple projects are under way in Sweden to find climate-smart solutions. IVA takes a holistic perspective.

World champion in climate conversion. Sweden will be the leading nation in resource-efficiency and as a circular society. IVA is an important platform for cooperation and dialogue around the choices that need to be made.

More solutions, fewer problems. The climate challenge is surrounded by a wide array of problems. IVA focuses on solutions in the form of technical systems, markets and laws.

Knowledge brings courage and power. IVA is helping to raise the knowledge level to facilitate decisions on our energy supply and long-term sustainable investments for the future. The more we know about the opportunities that exist, the less afraid we are of change.

Contact information

Karin Byman
Director Climate, Resources and Energy
Phone +46 70-574 70 72


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