From landfill ban to circular economy – What can Sweden teach the world?

Our future is not something that just happens, it’s something we create. Society must be more resource-efficient in order to achieve the climate goals and to continue to function. A systems approach is needed as well as, among many other things, a competitive transition of industry, climate and resource-efficient transport systems, a circular system for plastics and textiles and a reduction in food waste.

Bernadottebiblioteket, Kungliga Slottet, Stockholm
Tuesday, 12 November, 2019 14:00 - 16:00 CET

Booking is closed

Booking is closed

Sweden has the ability to contribute to sustainable solutions – both in Sweden and globally. We have advanced environmental technology, system solutions and processes that we can export to help with the transition in other countries that have not made as much progress as Sweden. By exporting sustainable solutions we can help to bring about the system shift that is essential in order to meet the sustainability goals.

At the seminar we will talk about how necessary transformations can and must take place to achieve a sustainable society. We will explore the global situation and attempt to identify the main areas where solutions are needed to save the climate and our planet.

Specifically, we will show how Sweden can contribute to solutions in other countries by exporting knowledge and technology in recycling, waste incineration and battery production. We will also be focusing on resource management and circularity, and what these require in terms of a system shift and societal changes.

Participating in the seminar:

Björn Ola Linnér, Swedish climate policy researcher and Professor at Linköping University.

Birgitta Resvik, member of IVA’s Electrical Engineering Division

Elin Larsson, former Sustainability Director at Filippa K, founder of Elco

Magnus Huss, IKEM

Klas Eklund, senior economist

Peter Carlsson, founder and CEO, Northvolt

Johan Kuylenstierna, Moderator

Contact information

Caroline Linden
Coordinator International Affairs
Phone +46 8-791 29 51

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