Welcome to this digital conference arranged by RISE and IVA in collaboration with industry organisations. The conference stems from a widely expressed need for an open and broad discussion concerning the purpose and mission of large research infrastructures from an industry and innovation perspective. The whole spectrum of stakeholders in the Swedish eco-system for research and innovation are invited to participate.

MAKE USE Conference 2021
Tuesday, 9 February, 2021 12:45 - 16:30 CET

Booking is closed

Booking is closed

The MAKE USE 2021 conference aims to contribute constructively to the ongoing discussion on how Sweden as a nation could benefit the most from the large investments made in large research infrastructures, such as ESS, MAX IV and SciLifeLab.

After years of discussions, there now seems to be a broad consensus among key stakeholders that Swedish industry can both contribute to and benefit more from large research infrastructures than is currently the case. However, there is not yet any consensus as to how that objective should be best pursued in practice.

The main ambition of the conference is therefore to better understand the current situation and differences in stakeholder perspectives, in the hope that this paves the way for productive discussions leading to lined up strategies, joint ideas and commonly supported actions.

Industry contribution

In advance of the conference, we will make background material available to the participants. This includes relevant strategy documents from the main facilities and input collated from representatives from Swedish industry.

Before the main conference, different stakeholder groups will be given the opportunity to discuss, formulate and, during the main conference, present to a wider audience what they see as the major opportunities, hurdles, and necessary actions to increase Sweden’s benefit from its investments in large-scale research infrastructures.

During the conference, comments and additional suggestions from the participants will be collected and either be brought into the ongoing discussion or fed back to the working groups that will be asked to produce a final list of refined and concrete ideas for improved engagement with and by industry. This list or green paper will be presented to decision and policy makers at a subsequent event, about a month after the main conference.

Your contribution

The MAKE USE conference is thus a unique opportunity for you and your organization to influence the strategic positioning and use of Sweden’s large-scale research infrastructures. Your contribution, will help strengthening the Swedish industry and Sweden as a leading research and innovation nation.

Eva Krutmeijer, EKKO AB

Among the Speakers and panelists we find:

John Womersley, Professor and Director ESS, Anna Sandström, Science Policy and Relations Director Europe, AstraZeneca, Björn Walse, CEO, SARomics, Tom Erixon, CEO, Alfa Laval, Tobias Krantz, Special Investigator, National Research Infrastructures, Lars Hultman, CEO, SSF, Sandra Falck, External relations officer,  SciLife lab, Jan-Eric Sundgren, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Kristina Edström, Professor, Uppsala University, Sven Stafström, Director General, Swedish Research Council, Anna Hultin Stigenberg, Senior Director– Advanced Research Infrastructures, Tuula Teeri, President, IVA and Pia Sandvik, CEO, RISE.  

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Please contact Tomas Lundqvist at RISE or Johan Weigelt at IVA if you have any questions. Contact information will be shared with other organisations responsible for arranging Make USE 2021 conference

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