People from IVA’s network – Swedish and foreign members and members of the Business Executives Council –are presented here. Many of them are working on multiple assignments for IVA, such as IVA projects or relating to our regional activities.

Bo Normark

Bo Normark is Chairman of IVA’s new project, Electricity Crossroads. He’s a member of IVA, and was CEO of Power Circle and Vice Chairman of the Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grids. He has also had a long career within ABB.

Carola Lemne

Carola Lemne, General Director of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, was Chairman of the recently concluded IVA project “Trails for Swedish Medicine.” The project was an initiative to turn the negative trend in Sweden around.

Carl Bennet

Industrialist Carl Bennet is Chairman of the Steering Committee for the new project “Attractiveness for Sustainable Growth – Boundless Innovation for Greater Prosperity.” The project represents the third stage in an initiative focusing on innovation.

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