Electricity Crossroads

Sweden needs long-term ground rules for its energy supply. Beyond 2030, the oldest of today’s nuclear power plants will be ready for retirement, as will the first generation of wind power. The electrical grid needs new technology and capacity. The substantial investments required will take time to implement and require foresight and planning. Decisions are therefore urgently needed from our politicians. Sweden’s electricity supply is at a crossroads.

Vision for Sweden: A sustainable electricity system beyond 2030 providing an efficient and secure supply of electricity at competitive prices.

Goals for Sweden:

  • Increased awareness among politicians and the general public about the consequences of various development options for the electricity system
  • An informed energy policy for a sustainable electricity system that provides an efficient and secure supply of electricity at competitive prices

 Project goals:

  • Prepare reports and analysis to inform Sweden’s energy policy
  • Promote dialogue between groups with various roles in Sweden’s electricity system (“Energy Sweden”)
  • Drive the energy debate, incorporating new perspectives
  • Help improve knowledge about the role of electricity in a sustainable energy system

 The Electricity Crossroads project consists of six work groups: Production, Distribution &Transmission, Usage, Climate & Environment, Public Finances & Markets, and Energy Policy, as well as a team of political representatives.

Electricity Crossroads will run during the period 2014–2016.

Steering Committee

Bo Normark, Chairman, Peter Nygårds, Vice Chairman, Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Erik Brandsma, Swedish Energy Agency, Magnus Breidne, IVA, Runar Brännlund, Umeå University, Mikael Dahlgren, ABB, Anders Ferbe, IF Metall, Håkan Feuk, EON, Mats Gustavsson, SKGS, Kjell Jansson, Swedenergy, Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI, Ulf Moberg, Svenska Kraftnät, Andreas Regnell, Vattenfall, Birgitta Resvik, Fortum, Gunilla Saltin, Södra Cell, Maria Sandqvist, Teknikföretagen, Maria Sunér Fleming, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Ulf Troedsson, Siemens.

Project Management

Jan Nordling, Project Director
Karin Byman, Project Manager
Camilla Koebe, VP Business and Communications
Caroline Linden, Project Coordinator

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