Innovation for Growth (2009–2011)

To increase its innovative capacity Sweden needs a policy to promote an efficient innovation system. The focus of Innovation for Growth was to provide input for the innovation strategy presented by the Alliance Government in 2012.


Read the final report  (in Swedish)

The input provided by the project included the following vision: “Create future prosperity for Sweden through knowledge-intensive companies and projects; Constant renewal and innovation will make Sweden the most attractive country in the world in which to live and work.” It also included proposals for concrete actions in a number of areas, and a proposed process for joint action on innovation, especially in the regions.

The project’s work groups submitted proposals in the following areas:

  • Universities
  • Talent supply
  • Taxes
  • Business capital, expertise and contacts
  • Public administration and public sector
  • Prioritising government initiatives in the innovation system
  • The regions

Chairman: Marcus Wallenberg

Project funded by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, VINNOVA