Ambient Sweden

Sweden has a lot to gain from being a prominent internet nation. The internet is increasingly being integrated into our lives and workplaces – not only in Sweden but globally as welly. To ensure we maintain a leading position, we need to have a strong understanding of our strengths and weaknesses in the area.


Read the final report   (Swedish)


The project Ambien Sweden ran from 2009 to 2010 for the purpose of both safeguarding and advancing Sweden’s positions in the internet of the future. Based on the prevailing situation and the latest research discoveries at that time, the project involved prioritising and ensuring that the organisations and individuals responsible for internet issues were taking the necessary steps to ensure that Sweden would be a leading internet nation in 2015.

Collaboration between a number of players was required in order to achieve the goal. Ambient Sweden involved collaboration between researchers from academia and experts from both the user and operator sides.

The project had six tracks: new opportunities for companies and the public sector, common platforms for services and infrastructure, development in schools and workplaces, research and innovation, international profiling and, not least, confidence and effective rules and laws.

In the final report “ICT for Sweden” the following recommendations were made:

We want the internet to be integrated in schools.

We want more effective rules and laws that improve confidence and thereby improve internet use and exchange.

We want more efficient administration at the national, county and municipal levels.

We want EIT ICT Labs to play a key role in positioning Sweden as a leading IT nation.

We see the need for additional aggressive investment in internet infrastructure.

We want a flourishing market for service providers.

The Chairman was Staffan Truvé

Project funded by: Ericsson, ComHem, HiQ, Internet Society Sweden Chapter (ISOC-SE), TDC, Telenor, TeliaSonera, 3, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and Vinnova