Energy Crossroads

Sweden needs a secure supply of energy on competitive terms for business and industry – while also reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

A challenging vision, but Sweden is in a good starting position with climate-friendly electricity production and energy-efficient industry.

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The most important climate goal is the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy are two important means of achieving this. This is based on the EU’s 20-20-20 goal.

The political sphere needs to invest in things that provide the most climate benefits for the money. The most cost-effective measure is to set a market price for emissions through so-called market-conforming control mechanisms.

The report presented five areas considered the most important ones. We called them “paths”:

Energy efficiency improvement

Invest in measures that provide the most climate benefits

Invest in electric vehicles

Continue to use nuclear power

Prepare for a warmer climate

Chairman: Peter Nygårds

Project funded by: Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, Swedenergy, Confederation of Swedish Energy Agency and Åforsk.