Entrepreneurship Academy

We live in a world where the fast pace of change is presenting great societal challenges – globally and locally. We need a dynamic entrepreneurial culture and skilled entrepreneurs who proactively take on these challenges. The project will focus on long-term support to strengthen entrepreneurship so that Sweden can continue to development and become even more attractive.
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Entrepreneurs are the engines in the development of society and play a crucial role in ensuring Sweden’s future prosperity. To solve our societal challenges we need dedicated entrepreneurs who can see opportunities and drive sustainable development forward. Many people express a desire to be an entrepreneur but few actually do it. Fear of the consequences of failure prevents many people from going ahead, especially those who are established in their careers.

A concerted effort is needed to change this. It is important to work on multiple levels, to take a long-term approach and to be persistent. We believe in entrepreneurs; they are inventive, creative and enterprising individuals who build successful and competitive businesses. They create start-ups and develop businesses that already exist.

Our vision is for Sweden to be Europe’s leading meetingplace where entrepreneurship can develop and thrive. Through successful entrepreneurship we are contributing to sustainable development and increased prosperity. Entrepreneurs fuel the economy.

To achieve the vision IVA is launching the Entrepreneurship Academy as an open forum and a platform for knowledge transfer, learning, inspiration, policy development and communication, and a place where people can share their experiences.


Entrepreneurship Academy

The Entrepreneurship Academy is working on increasing awareness of the significance of entrepreneurs for economic growth and prosperity, and to improve the climate for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills development. This long-term programme is aimed at future and established entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, as well as decision-makers and politicians in Sweden.

The Entrepreneurship Academy will be a forum where individuals can develop their entrepreneurial skills and an engine to promote an international and competitive entrepreneurial climate with a culture of acceptance for both success and failure.

At its core the Entrepreneurship Academy a place where the sound entrepreneurial experience and knowledge from the research community are brought together to promote action and development in the following three areas: entrepreneurial skills, an entrepreneurial culture and an entrepreneurial climate.


Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skills lead to successful companies and growth in society. Inventive, creative and enterprising individuals (entrepreneurs) drive development forward. It is all about the entrepreneur’s ability to identify new business opportunities and develop them commercially, as well as the ability to organise, lead and develop their enterprises in the best possible way. Skilled entrepreneurs are essential to Sweden’s ability to continue to develop as a knowledge nation and create new companies that solve society’s challenges. The objective of Entrepreneurship Academy is to help individuals develop entrepreneurial skills by offering educational activities, including the concept of Entrepreneur for a Day/e-battle and through activities for people with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Entrepreneurial culture

A strong entrepreneurial culture is needed in order for entrepreneurship to develop and flourish. An entrepreneurial spirit and a positive attitude to and appreciation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are positive drivers of development in society. It is important to have a culture of acceptance where both failure and success are natural components. IVA wants to bring about the shift in attitudes needed to create a climate in society that stimulates and supports entrepreneurship in Sweden and also in Europe in the future. Among other things, it is about defining the role of entrepreneurs in social and commercial development, and influencing attitudes in society in general and among government agencies and politicians.

Entrepreneurial climate

In order for entrepreneurship to flourish Sweden needs a social and political climate that is stimulating and enables entrepreneurship to develop among individuals and businesses. Sweden needs a strong entrepreneurial climate characterised by knowledge and understanding among politicians, as well as an appreciation of the fact that entrepreneurship is a positive driving force for the country’s development. Important areas include monitoring the external environment, preserving competitiveness and having the right climate for start-ups or for developing an existing business. IVA’s task is to increase awareness among politicians and decision-makers about what is needed for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to flourish, and about their importance for growth in society. IVA will present policy recommendations to improve the entrepreneurial climate in Sweden and Europe.

You can find information on this project in Swedish here. Most of the reports and materials published by the project are not translated into English, but you can find materials that are available in English below.