Entrepreneur for a Day

The educational concept called “Entrepreneur for a Day/E-battle” allows students in years 7–9 to try starting and running a business. The purpose is for the students to learn about themselves, their own creativity and about enterprise and entrepreneurship by taking a concept and putting it into practice. It is about learning about entrepreneurship by being an entrepreneur. For those who wish to there is also an opportunity to compete for prize money for a class trip.
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Entrepreneur for a Day is a concept for years 7–9 that is user-friendly for teachers and that provides inspiration for both students and their teachers. Students get an opportunity to test their ideas in reality with the help of digital tools and teacher guidance.

The concept is based on the participants (students and teachers) starting and running a company for a period of two days. It is an exercise where students run a business together to learn more about themselves, strengthen the sense of community in their class, develop their drive and self-insight and get entrepreneurial experience. With digital support the teachers lead the exercise with a clear focus on entrepreneurial learning. The exercise works for any subject matter and can either involve a whole year or individual classes.

There is also a competitive element where students compete with other students/classes in Sweden. The SEK 30,000 prize goes to the whole class for a class trip or similar activity.

MTH Utbildning was one of the first schools to participate. For Johanna Örnehag who is the head and CEO of the school, it was an obvious choice to register the school for the E-battle because the concept is well-aligned with the school’s focus areas.

“It was creative and outside the box. It was the real thing – not just pretending. The students didn’t hesitate for a second before getting on board.”

Tommy Nilsson, one of the teachers leading the students in the exercise, thinks the short timeframe of two days is an excellent idea.

“It’s important to do something big with the event. The students got a chance to really practice being an entrepreneur. They grew from discovering that it’s actually possible to achieve a lot in two days and that there’s no harm in failure,” he said.