The foundation for growth and welfare

Entrepreneurs have a crucial role for Sweden's future. They are needed to meet the complex challenges we face, create jobs and generate tax revenue. Without entrepreneurs there can be no welfare.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial abilities of individuals are becoming increasingly important. We need people who can handle the high pace of change, seize the opportunities of digitalisation and technology, drive sustainable development, and lead us into an unpredictable future.

Entrepreneurship has laid the foundation for our prosperity and is of central importance for Sweden's competitiveness and future growth. We need more entrepreneurs who start new, growing companies and create new jobs. We also need more people who can contribute to innovation and development in existing companies and the public sector. Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in generating tax revenue for our country, which in turn creates the conditions for our common welfare.

New key competencies in focus

The rapid development of technology makes the knowledge cycle much shorter. Skills change faster and many of tomorrow's jobs are still unknown. The Council of the European Union has identified eight key competences that citizens today need and which schools should therefore teach. One of these is entrepreneurship.

If Sweden is to remain competitive, we must give young people the opportunity to deal with unpredictability and equip them for an unknown future. We need to give them the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial abilities. 

The entrepreneurial culture and climate

There are lots of people in Sweden with entrepreneurial dreams, but few go from words to action. Our goal is more entrepreneurs who want, can and dare to start and develop companies. In addition to strengthening the entrepreneurial abilities of individuals, we therefore focus on creating a favorable entrepreneurial culture and a strong entrepreneurial climate in Sweden.

We want to contribute to a change in attitude in society and increase the knowledge of politicians and decision-makers about the importance of entrepreneurship. We also work to improve the legal and structural conditions for starting, running and developing companies.

Contact information

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Director Industry and Enterprise
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