Corporate innovation affects the future

Intrapreneurship, or the renewal power of established companies, is a crucial factor for competitiveness and continued growth. Research shows that companies with a working culture of intrapreneurship are more profitable and grow faster than others. Together with prominent researchers in the field, we develop tools and support for measuring and developing intrapreneurship within established companies.

Intrapreneurship means the creation of new products and services, new organisational solutions, or new strategies within already established companies and organisations. Research shows that companies with a working culture of intrapreneurship are more profitable and grow faster than others. They are attentive to ongoing changes in the world and actively respond to both threats and opportunities. In addition, they are better at attracting and retaining talent.

Success factors for intrapreneurship

Successful intrapreneurship is based on three basic components: (1) a desire for renewal and risk-taking, (2) intrapreneurs, and (3) an organisation that systematically both encourages and receives new intrapreneurial initiatives.

It's quite self-evident that companies have to renew themselves at regular intervals, and that this renewal is based on risk-taking and intrapreneurs that drive change. What is less obvious is how the company creates favorable conditions for intrapreneurship. For this, the company's structure, reward systems at different levels, processes and organisational culture play a crucial role. The companies that understand and begin to work systematically to create the right conditions for their intrapreneurship are best equipped for a changing environment.

Intrapreneurship is a key issue for Sweden's continued competitiveness and therefore a cornerstone of the Swedish Entrepreneurship Academy.

How intrapreneurial is your company?

It is possible to measure and actively improve the intrapreneurship, or the renewal power, in an established organisation. Together with prominent researchers in the field, we have developed a tool that makes it easy for you to get started with the work. 

We offer the opportunity to test your level of intrapreneurship. As a first step, you answer a number of simple questions in our test tool. The result will be a starting point for continued internal discussions about your attractiveness as a workplace and your conditions for long-term development and competitiveness.

We collaborate with some of Sweden's leading researchers in the field: Katarina Blomkvist, Philip Kappen and Ivo Zander at Uppsala University. In the multi-year research project Intraprenörskapskompassen (site in Swedish), funded by the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation and Vinnova, they have looked at the state of Swedish intrapreneurship in both the private and public sectors.

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