How to cope with corona crisis

The world is in the midst of a global crisis, that we don't yet know the proportions of. The spread of coronavirus is challenging all parts of our society. On this page IVA is presenting information on ongoing initiatives, actions you can take yourself, seminars, activities our own members are involved in and other information regarding the coronavirus crisis.

Around the world initiatives have been taken to find solutions to all of the challenges we are facing. Dialouge between science and society, knowledge exchange and international cooperation are of great importance, not only in the area of health care, but within most professions as well.

IVA participates in CAETS - International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences - post covid-19 Special Committee. The committee focuses on lessons learned from covid-19 and future directions for engineering innovation. 

The Engineering X Pandemic Preparedness programme, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, has launched its first two initiatives to support the UK and global engineering communities in global innovation and knowledge sharing.

If you have an academic background you can register as a reviewer for the British Royal Society’s Rapid Review Network. Read more here

If you have a computer you can contribute by downloading Folding@Home. Read more here

If you want to learn more about remote science communication, click here

If you can contribute to research there are funds to apply for through fast channels here and here

The National Academy of Engineering in the USA is gathering individuals who can help solve the coronavirus crisis. Read more here

Acatech, the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering in Germany, has released its own report on the coronavirus crisis. Read more here.

If you want to know how other European Academies work during the coronavirus crisis, visit SAPEA.

If you want to know how other Academies work during the corona virus crisis, visit The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.