How IVA is handling the coronavirus

Based on the status and development of Covid-19, IVA has decided to update its guidelines. By reducing our physical social contact, we here at IVA will be doing our part to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus in the community. Our common guidelines will also help us to take care of the health of our staff members as well as individuals in IVA’s network. We are basing our analysis on the best available facts and recommendations from the authorities.

The following guidelines apply from this time and until we provide updates:  

  1. There will be no more international travel within the framework of IVA’s activities; no new trips are being booked or planned for the spring/summer (up to 15 July). 
  2. Employees who return from a trip to a risk area are to work from home for 14 days, even if that they have no symptoms. The same applies to individuals in IVA’s network and other visitors.  
  3. Meetings, such as project and Academy meetings, are to take place remotely to the greatest extent possible. Please contact the meeting coordinator, division secretary or project manager for more information.
  4. Seminars and field trips will, if possible, be postponed, cancelled or take place using a streaming service (until 15 July). 
  5. We encourage the IVA staff to work from home. This is to minimise the spread of the virus in the community. 
  6. People who have been in contact with a person infected with the virus are to participate in IVA’s activities remotely for 14 days. The same applies to IVA’s network and visitors.
  7. People who have the slightest symptoms of illness (such as fever, cough, cold, sore throat) should participate in IVA’s activities remotely until two days have passed since they are entirely symptom-free. Follow the advice of the authorities. 
  8. If IVA’s partners have more far-reaching guidelines, we will follow these. 
  9. Other than the above, work will continue as usual.
  10. IVA’s Conference Centre is open as usual and is offering the possibility of remote meetings and events.

For the most recent information, follow The Public Health Agency of Sweden 

Contact information

Ann Brunnberg
Chief Communications Officer
Phone +46 72 077 38 08