Innovation Powerhouse Sweden (2012–2013)

Innovation is the key to Sweden’s future competitiveness and prosperity. The focus of Innovation Powerhouse Sweden was to create a regional innovation strategy. The project held thirteen regional meetings at which between 30 and 50 percent of the participants were from the private sector.


Read the final report  (Swedish) 

The final report presents the regions’ priorities in the areas they determined were the most important: innovation and research environments and measures to create more efficient support systems and infrastructure. The regions’ areas of excellence are also described, with IT, energy, manufacturing industry and tourism highlighted as the most important ones.

The project’s focus groups presented proposals within four areas: 

  • Develop the business climate in Sweden
  • Change the tax code to incentivise key players to invest both their time and capital in growing companies
  • Increase autonomy for universities and provide greater incentives for collaboration
  • Develop public procurement to stimulate innovation.


Chairman: Rune Andersson

Project funded by: Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Teknikföretagen, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, VINNOVA