NTA Digital

NTA digital is a digital learning programme under development. The two themes for the first phase are Theme Space and Theme Human Body, aimed at years 1–6 and 4–7 respectively. The course material will be available from 2016 to schools participating in the NTA programme.

NTA Digital is an extension of the existing NTA concept (Science and Technology for All). Both Theme Space and Theme Human Body consist of interactive, three-dimensional digital models, simulations, dynamic information and factual materials corresponding to the traditional NTA packages. There is also a unit in which the students complete assignments using both the interactive models and their own observations. The two themes have been selected because they involve content that is very well suited for visualisation and three-dimensional models, and also because they have not been NTA themes in the past.

The project is supported by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Foundation.

The film below shows what the digital planetarium – the model the children will explore – looks like.

Coordinating the development of the themes are:

  •     Marie Rådbo, lecturer, Linköping University (Theme Space)
  •     Professor Lena Tibell, Linköping University (Theme Human Body)


The Steering Committee (also the expert and reference group) consists of:

Staffan Truvé (Chairman), Recorded Future AB, Caroline Ankarcrona, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Bengt Nilsson, NTA-project, Anders Ynnerman, professor Linköping University, Agneta Gulz, professor Lund University, Ylva Engström, professor Stockholm University, Johan Weigelt,  Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Hampus Lindh (Project Manager), Eva Lagerblad (Project Coordinator)


NTA (Science and Technology for All) offers the governing bodies of preschools and primary and secondary schools (years 1–9) a school development concept. The NTA concept is based on five cornerstones:

  • An inquiry-based, investigative approach based on experiments
  • Access to targeted experiment materials and guidelines for students and teachers
  • Continual professional development for teachers
  • Ongoing evaluation of student learning
  • Collaboration between schools, municipal authorities, the business community and universities

The goal for NTA Digital is to:

  • Facilitate the continuous development of interactive digital media by involving researchers and international networks in NTA’s development work.
  • Define a new modular digital platform for the NTA concept that can grow with technology development over the next eight to ten years.
  • Define a digital infrastructure for maintenance, distribution and further development of new digital themes to be taken over by the NTA organisation.
  • Create new basic methods to add value to existing NTA themes using the new digital platform.
  • Provide inspiration and promote curiosity among experienced practitioners about how these new exploration and investigation tools can be further developed.
  • Conduct a trial with a small target group focusing on two new NTA themes that are entirely based on the platform defined by the project.
  • Create two themes that support the Space and Human Body thematic units for primary and secondary schools.

You can find information on this project in Swedish here. Most of the reports and materials published by the project are not translated into English, but you can find materials that are available in English below.