Private Sector R&D Investment

We need to gain a greater insight into how private sector R&D investments are developing, being influenced and managed. More knowledge is also needed about which policy measures are effective in making Sweden more attractive for this type of investment. The project has launched an annual R&D barometer to show development.

In 2015 the private sector accounted for around 70 percent of Swedish investment in R&D. In absolute numbers, private sector investment in R&D increased by 7 percent between 2013 and 2015. But according to Statistics Sweden investment as a percentage of GDP has decreased over the past 10–15 years.

It is important to gain a better understanding of how to develop, guide and impact Swedish R&D. More information is also needed about which policy measures are effective in making Sweden more attractive for R&D investment.

The project will launch an annual R&D barometer to explore in more depth how businesses view the R&D investment climate in Sweden and to highlight investment progress over time. The barometer is based on information from annual reports and surveys aimed directly at company R&D directors. The survey questions will largely address views on the investment climate and how it can be improved. Statistics Sweden’s data on actual investment trends will be used.

The project will produce knowledge-based policy proposals for increased attractiveness. This will require analysis of changes in R&D processes within companies, the varying circumstances of enterprises, how the term R&D investment is interpreted and which factors determine where R&D investments are located. Development in the international arena is also very important. A few examples of specific issues include the significance of robust cooperation with universities, access to R&D infrastructure, talent supply, fiscal issues and intellectual property rights.

IVA’s R&D barometers assist in the process of monitoring and understanding trends, and makes it easier to design policy proposals based on evidence and knowledge to make Sweden more attractive for R&D investment.

You can find information on this project in Swedish here. Most of the reports and materials published by the project are not translated into English, but you can find materials that are available in English below.