Application guide IVA's 100 list - step by step

The application for IVA's 100 list 2022 is open from 10 of January to the 28 February. Here you can read about how you and your team go about applying, what questions we ask about the research, and what happens when you have submitted your application.

This is how the application goes - step by step

  1. Read this guide first, and the in-depth information we link to!
  2. Ensure that your research meets the criteria for this year's theme.
  3. Read through our Q&A about the 100-list, which describes in more detail how the application and selection is done, and what will be assessed in the application.
  4. To start the application, log in to the portal (in swedish) and select Start grant. On the home page, there are clear instructions on how to create an account, or log in directly if you have used AwardForce before.
  5. Select category = area of application, and state the name of your research / application.
  6. In the form, each question states what we want answered. You will also find information that you can support when you write the application under the tab More information.
  7. If you want, you can supplement your answers with, for example, a film or pictures that you attach directly to the form.
  8. Remember to save if you do not complete your application at once - you can log out and log in again to change or complete until you choose to submit.
  9. Submit your application as soon as possible - the application period is open until 28 February.
  10. Good luck - we look forward to your application!

This is what we ask this in the application - a brief overview

Your research We ask for both a very short and a slightly longer description of the research, and answers to questions related to the selection criteria.

  • Your "sales pitch" (Max 500 characters)
  • Describe the research (Max 1200 characters)
  • Potential - How can research benefit users, companies and society? (Max 700 characters)
  • The researcher's, or research team's, capacity for implementation (Max 500 characters).
  • Timeliness - time aspect and maturity - how "finished" the research idea and results are in relation to the market (Max 500 characters)
  • Originality - What is unique, innovative and innovative? (Max 500 characters)
  • Sustainability - the research project's relationship to sustainability and impact on the UN's 17 sustainability goals (SDGs) (Max 500 characters)
  • What is needed for the research to be utilized?


  • Your handling of intellectual property rights and intangible assets.
  • Declaration that you have the right to represent the research and have an understanding of the management of confidentiality.
  • Thoughts on business models and strategies (optional to answer but strengthens your application).

Support and help

Feel free to contact the innovation support activities at your university - they can give you support and guidance. Find your innovation support here (information in swedish)

R2B's partner PRV gives you support in matters of intellectual property rights and intellectual property in this film (in swedish)

Do you need help with the question of how your research relates to the sustainability goals? Gothenburg's Center for Sustainable Development (GMV) has developed an online tool to easily evaluate the impact of a project on the UN's 17 sustainability goals (SDGs). Learn more and get started here.

When the application is submitted

  • All applications received are checked by a review group that ensures that the research is in the right area, and meets the criteria.
  • Our selection committee then reviews all complete applications and submits its assessments to R2B's steering group, which makes the final decision on which research projects to present on the 100 list.
  • An evaluation group with the task of ensuring the quality of the selection process is involved in all steps.
  • Information on which research projects have been selected for the 100-list will be announced in early May. Selected researchers are asked to confirm their participation, and possibly supplement the application with, for example, a picture before publication.
  • The 100-list 2022 will be published on May 10 (preliminary date).

What does it mean to be selected for IVA's 100 list?

The 100-list is a unique shop window that can give research projects increased opportunities to come to actual benefit, through collaboration with, for example, the business community. IVA and the project's partners work actively, both at the publication of the 100-list and continuously during the year, to create interest and attention around the 100-list and the participating projects.

Representatives of the selected research projects are offered to participate in tailor-made activities that aim to increase the opportunities for collaboration on utilization. For a large proportion of the participants, the place on one of IVA's 100 lists has led to increased contacts with the business community, other researchers and other valuable contacts. Many also feel that the participation has given them increased knowledge about innovation support, the business community's perspective on research and opportunities for practical application.


9 out of 10 participants recommend other researchers to apply!

(According to our evaluation of IVA's 100-list 2021)