Apply to IVA's 100 List 2023 - Technology in the service of humanity

For the fifth year, IVA's 100 list will highlight contemporary research in the technological and economic sciences that has the potential to create real benefits in the foreseeable future. For the 2023 list, we are particularly interested in research projects in the fields of climate change mitigation, energy supply, welfare technology, cybersecurity and emergency preparedness.
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"The war in Ukraine, the recent surge in energy prices, accelerating climate change and a pandemic in recent memory, have highlighted a number of societal challenges. We therefore call for research projects that address these challenges." says Malin Mohr, project manager for Research2Business and IVA's 100 list.

IVA's 100 list is aimed at researchers and research teams seeking contact with industry and society for collaboration on innovation, further development, application and utilisation of their research. Either through commercialisation of new products and services or business and methodology development, or through societal impact.

Most of the information in the application portal is in Swedish but we welcome applications in either Swedish or English.

Read more about IVA´s 100-list here

The list is unique in that it shows the breadth of research conducted at Swedish universities. The selection is based on projects that are deemed to have the potential to develop into innovations, business development or other forms of benefit. Scientific excellence is assumed, as is that the application must show where the research project is in its development. IVA welcomes applications where the research projects are in both early and mature stages and can be translated into actual benefits in the foreseeable future.

Concrete examples of topics that the research can address in addition to/including the five themes selected for the year (climate change, energy supply, welfare technologies, cyber security and emergency preparedness):

  • Ethical and democratic aspects of e.g. AI and data management
  • Finance, capital, investment 
  • Supply chains and mobility, societal and business-critical transport
  • Utility solutions, e.g. water, minerals, skills
  • Infrastructure, digital and physical
  • Law, such as contracts, regulations, law as a tool for innovation, ownership issues
  • Resilience and preparedness
  • Leadership, governance, collaboration, organisation and learning
  • Life science  
  • Food 
  • Raw materials, new and/or developed materials  
  • Security, relevant to society (protection of scale, global competition, etc.)
  • Valuation models, risk assessment, insurance 
  • Construction and housing
  • Knowledge validation models for rapid knowledge building and urgent needs

Apply to IVAs 100-list 2023 here

Do you know of a research project that you think should apply for IVA's 100 list 2023? Then you can nominate them here and they will automatically be contacted and asked to apply.

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