Your participation in R2B Summit

Information for researchers from IVA's 100 lists who have accepted to present their research to company representatives and other stakeholders during the R2B Summit 2022 on 11 October. We're glad you want to join us - here we go through what you need to consider before attending!

R2B Sessions - in-depth presentations

Our R2B Sessions meeting format is part of the R2B Summit, where we give a limited number of researchers per meeting the opportunity to present and discuss their research with invited participants.

The aim of R2B Sessions is to provide more than a simple presentation by creating space for dialogue and questions, and thus a more in-depth understanding of your research project and your thoughts on utilization. The dialogue format also gives you as a researcher the opportunity to get valuable feedback and answers to questions from intended or potential audiences or collaborators.

Practical details

Each session lasts one hour, with time and focus divided equally between 5-6 participating researchers. Faciliators help to keep the time and distribute the floor.

If one of the participating researchers needs it, the meeting will be conducted in English instead of Swedish - this will be communicated in advance.

Your task as a researcher is:

  • Being able to present your key messages in a short time, maximum 3 minutes.
    The presentation should be tailored to generate interest in collaborative innovation and business development. In other words, tell the story from a perspective that describes the application, the intended audience and the business and innovation potential. The presentation should answer:
    • What problem are you trying to solve? (in the broad context)
    • What is your solution to the problem? (the specifics of your solution)
    • Why should I care? (the benefit to users)
    • What are you looking for? (partners, mentors, etc. Please note: not funding)
  • Being well prepared to answer questions and talk about your research with a focus on the above points - and feel free to bring questions you want answered yourself.

To help you, you have:

  • Possibility to use visuals such as Power-Point or film if you think it adds value to your presentation.
  • Practical support and moderation of questions by IVA representatives in the meeting room.

Good advice!

  • Preparation is key - put time and energy into it!
  • Ask for coaching, pitch training and support with your preparations, for example from your local innovation support service. We recommend getting in touch well in advance of the meeting to optimise your presentation.
  • Test your presentation, preferably on people who do not work in the same field as you. Ask them to retell the presentation to you. This will give you an indication of how much they have understood and you can adjust your presentation accordingly.

Expert advice!

Anders Sahlman, a research communicator and presentation coach, shares some valuable tips for presenting your research.

Participation in activities organised by IVA's R2B project is always voluntary. Results made possible by participation are the property of the participant or his/her representative. Contacts made, business opportunities and business agreements reached through R2B activities are the responsibility of the parties themselves. IVA does not guarantee that contacts will be made, but makes every effort to create opportunities for valuable contacts.

Contact information

Malin Mohr
Project Manager
Phone +46 (0)73 - 635 93 50