IVA's 100-List 2022 - Technology in the service of humanity

IVA's 100-list 2022 calls for research in technical and economic sciences on the theme of technology in the service of humanity. The research must be ready to be utilized within the foreseeable future, for example through industrial commercialization, business and method development or social impact.

IVA's conviction is that knowledge of technology, economics and related fields of science gives humanity ever better conditions for a good life. The technological development and innovation of recent decades have accelerated without historical parallel, which has led to economic growth and increased living standards for many people in the world.

At the same time, the fact that development is moving so fast presents us with new challenges, which in many cases are urgent to address. For IVA's 100-list 2022, we therefore call for research projects that seek to find solutions to ensure that new and future innovations do not threaten but enable better management of and distribution of the earth's limited resources, increased sustainability and circularity, increased equality, democracy, peace and security. health and well-being.

Knowledge, innovation capacity and high-tech industry can contribute to more sustainable growth and solutions to many of our contemporary challenges, and therefore the research conducted at colleges and universities is important. Equally important is that academic research is translated into actual benefit: the interaction between research and business can shift the pace of innovation to meet complex challenges and create new opportunities

Through the 100-list 2022, we want to draw attention to and contribute to the utilization of research, which from different perspectives addresses current challenges on the topic of technology in the service of humanity.

Areas of application

The research must be applicable in one of the areas:

  • Business models
  • Circular economy
  • Deep tech
  • Green and blue industries
  • Infrastructure
  • Society and welfare
  • Smart industry

Concrete examples of what research can address:

  • Ethical and democratic aspects of, for example, AI and data management
  • Finance, capital, investments
  • Supply chains and mobility, socially and business-critical transport
  • Supply solutions, eg water, energy, competence
  • Infrastructure, digital and physical
  • Law, such as agreements, regulations, law as a tool for innovation, ownership issues
  • Leadership, governance, collaboration, organization and learning
  • Life science
  • Food
  • Raw materials and materials
  • Security, relevant to society (cyber security, shell protection, global competition, etc.)
  • Welfare technology
  • Valuation models, risk assessment, insurance

Q&A about the 100-list - answers to everything you wonder about the application, selection etc.

Who can apply?

The 100-list is open to researchers and research teams, in technical and economic sciences, who seek contact with the business community and the surrounding society for collaboration on the continued development, application and utilization of their research.

The research team must have a driving force to want to develop their research through, for example, business development, and be able to provide an in-depth description of the research and the goal of it. High scientific quality is a basic prerequisite, as well as the fact that research has reached a stage where it can be presented and made public and can be implemented in the near future.

The selection process is based on five criteria:

  1. Potential
  2. Capacity
  3. Timeliness
  4. Originality
  5. Sustainability

The application for IVA's 100-list 2022 is open during the period 10 / 1-28 / 2 2022.

Application guide - step by step