The Knowledge Society of the Future

A project to encourage and promote the positive pursuit of knowledge, education, and learning.

Our vision is a society where knowledge gives people opportunities to build a better world for everyone.

The goal is to attain a high level of trust in knowledge among all groups in society. This is particularly important because knowledge and education are not only a way for people to realise their personal dreams, they also contribute to a sustainable and competitive society.

Our project is aimed at:

Children and young people and those close to them, such as parents, relatives, school personnel and youth leaders.

Policy-makers, trade unions, industry associations, think tanks, youth organisations, public agencies, universities, educators and other actors working in this area.

Members of the public with an interest in the topic.

The Future Knowledge Society has long-term funding thanks to funds raised for IVA’s Jubilee Fund during the Academy’s centenary in 2019. It will be carried out in a number of subprojects in close cooperation with IVA’s School in our time project.

You can find information on this project in Swedish here. Most of the reports and materials published by the project are not translated into English, but you can find materials that are available in English below.


Tuesday 26 May 2020

Junior Academy “Young Innovation in a Time of Crisis” award to Sarah, 17 years old

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Friday 20 September 2019

School students learned to talk to robots and cultivate meat

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