Customer-centric goal for Telia’s employees

Customers know everything there is to know about all of the phone service providers. Customers are also the ones driving development.

“Transparency is excellent. But we have to be good enough so that customers choose us every time. That’s why we need to consider the customer perspective in everything we do. The key term for us is customer-centric,” said Hélène Barnekow, CEO of Telia Sverige, at a breakfast meeting at IVA.

It should be easy to be a customer of Telia Sverige and simple to get in touch with even the highest levels of management. That’s why Hélène Barnekow’s email address is available on the company’s website.

“We normally start our management meetings by discussing emails from some of our customers.”

Digitalisation is a sweeping force of change. It is giving rise to new collaboration and local digital ecosystems.

“Overall, Sweden has come a long way in the digitalisation process. But society and industry are lagging behind a bit. There’s an opportunity for both Sweden and Telia here. For Telia the possibilities offered by digitalisation have resulted in new partnerships. Google is both a partner and a competitor. Mass transit in Skåne uses Telia for its wifi. So does Tesla. Anticimex’s mouse traps can be connected to a Telia solution.”

Although a customer-centric approach is the most important factor, it requires what Hélène Barnekow calls commercial drive, innovation and accelerated transformation. The technology to create all of this is available to all in the telecom industry. And the vast majority of solutions can be copied.

“That’s why our corporate culture is our most important asset. It can’t be copied,” said Hélène Barnekow.

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