IVA celebrated the King with top researchers

In connection with H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday celebration, IVA arranged a seminar on the future with three leading researchers in robotics, nanotechnology and medical diagnostics as speakers. Professor Robert S. Langer, Professor David R. Walt and Professor Magnus Egerstedt were invited specially to talk about the latest research developments in their respective fields.
“We have learnt a lot today about the new possibilities offered by science and technology,” said H.M. the King following the seminar.

Professor Robert S. Langer from MIT was the seminar’s opening speaker. He was introduced by IVA’s Vice Chairman, Professor Maria Strømme. As the most cited engineer in history and recipient of numerous distinctions, Professor Langer is the world-leader in biomedical research. During his presentation he showed, among other things, how technology is being used to help people with spinal injuries to walk.

Professor David R. Walt was introduced by IVA member Professor Fredrik Höök. Professor Walt talked about development in genetic analysis over the past 30 years. The technology is now much faster and cheaper at the same time as the results are more precise. Among other things, he talked about new research where blood tests make it possible to get a 96-percent accurate breast cancer diagnosis – an improvement on today’s 80 percent.

Professor Magnus Egerstedt of Georgia Tech was introduced by IVA member Professor Danica Kragic. Professor Egerstedt looked into the future of robotics and said that robots of the future will not only be technically advanced but will also be based on psychology. “Ethically certified robots” are the future.

“Thank you for a terrifically instructive seminar,” said IVA President Björn O. Nilsson in conclusion. “We have learnt a lot, not least that we need to build bridges in the future between different scientific disciplines in order to build even more knowledge.”

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