IVA is looking for mentors for driven researchers

We are looking for you if you would like to help a researcher with personal development and to gain an insight into the business world

The researchers we are seeking mentors for have research results with commercialisation potential. As a mentor you will be a catalyst, helping the researchers navigate their way to commercialisation of their research results. Your task will be to guide, discuss and provide access to a network that will be useful for the researcher.

As a team you be participating in IVA’s Mentor4Research programme. The schedule we are following spans one year. During this time you and the researcher will meet on a regular basis – individually as well as through activities offered by the programme. This is the tenth year for IVA’s Mentor4Research programme.

Being a mentor is considered an honour. Many of our former mentors tell us that they have gained a lot from their involvement.

Are you interested? Read more below about some of the researchers and their projects or contact Malin Mohr malin.mohr@iva.se for more information.


More on what researchers need from their mentors

IVA is looking for mentors for the programme in general, but also has to do specific matching so that the researchers’ needs are met. More details below.

Researcher 1

This researcher wants to package her/his business model and have a sounding board to look at the offering for new markets and existing customers. There is already strong market demand, including among some high-profile customers. You will meet a highly regarded researcher who is looking for a mentor to fine-tune her/his role, get help with goal-setting and have a sounding board for business strategies. It would be beneficial if you, as a mentor, have experience in public relations, business models, strategic communication and building companies. You should be a person who can guide others, and help them stay focused and set their own goals.

Researcher 2 

This researcher has both research results and practical experience of using and developing digital learning tools. This person is looking for a mentor who can help her/him develop beyond the academic sphere, and wants to improve her/his commercial know-how and role as a consultant. The goal is to be more focused and to commercialise the business concept. This researcher already has a network in the industry.

Researcher 3

This researcher has developed a drug that is close to commercialisation. She/he has past experience of launching products (including a drug) through her/his own company. This time the researcher wants to have a better understanding and a sounding board on issues relating to building a company, ownership etc. A mentor in this case should have a network with connections to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, commercialisation experience and be or have been head of a company.

Researcher 4

This researcher has business concepts that come from her/his own research and would like help with commercialisation and finding a new role. The concept involves increasing understanding of the importance and impact on individuals and families of being multilingual. You as a mentor should have an understanding of the complexity of multilingual contexts, as well as a dynamic way of developing business concepts. The researcher needs to discuss her/his own role in the business and refine the business concept. The idea is for the business concept to be commercialised as an educational programme and in networks.

Researcher 5

This researcher has a unique idea for a tool that customises educational materials using digital technology. This can significantly increase the learning capacity of school children at the same time as it makes the teacher’s job easier. The researcher is very open to explore new career paths, particularly using her/his potential business concept. She/he has no previous experience of commercialisation or business, but is very curious and driven. Being a mentor for this researcher will be highly rewarding, especially from a language perspective because the researcher – who speaks fluent English, German and French – is working on improving her/his Swedish. You as a mentor will have a network that can connect the researcher with the publishing industry specific to digital learning tools. 

Researcher 6

This researcher needs a mentor who will provide help in a way that is more challenging than supportive. The research field relates to bio-based materials and the results have the potential for large-scale production. Applications and choice of markets are among the issues you will address with the researcher. You will be communicating in English. 


Pictured: Pernilla Videhult-Pierre who was mentored in 2014. 

Contact information

Malin Mohr
Project Manager
Phone +46 (0)73 - 635 93 50