IVA’s Electricity Crossroads on the cost of phasing out nuclear power

IVA project, Electricity Crossroads, has recently calculated the cost of phasing out nuclear power too early due to the capacity tax. SEK 200 billion is what the bill is expected to be. IVA Chairman Leif Johansson and IVA’s energy policy expert Karin Byman had something to say about this in Dagens Industri.

Numerous studies have been conducted and calculations made within the framework of IVA’s electricity project Electricity Crossroads. Recently the project ran the numbers on the possible longer term economic effects of current energy policy control mechanisms. One of the project’s conclusions is that if the nuclear capacity tax remains unchanged, it will significantly speed up the nuclear phase-out, resulting in estimated financial losses of SEK 200 billion.

IVA Chairman Leif Johansson had this to say in Dagens Industri: “The nuclear capacity tax at the current level is unfortunate because we risk seeing a fast nuclear phase-out before renewable alternatives are available. (Article in Swedish) 

” IVA’s energy policy expert Karin Byman also commented in Dagens Industri on the numbers and how they were arrived at: “The main issue is that nuclear energy will have to be replaced with other, more expensive energy.” 

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