Anders Scharp is awarded IVA’s Great Gold Medal

At the 98th Annual Meeting of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences on 27 October IVA will present this year’s Great Gold Medal and three Gold Medals. The Great Gold Medal is being awarded to Anders Scharp MSc Eng. The Gold Medals will go to Professor Jens Nielsen, Director Cristina Stenbeck and Hasse Johansson MSc Eng.

Anders Scharp

Anders Scharp received his Master’s degree in Engineering in 1960 and was employed by Elektrohelios the same year. When Elektrohelios later became part of Electrolux, Scharp started a successful career working for what would become the world’s foremost manufacturer of household products. He has served as CEO, President and Chairman of Electrolux. During the years 1990–2008 he served as Chairman of Saab, Scania, SKF, Atlas Copco and Svenska Arbetsgivareföreningen etc., and as Vice Chairman of Investor. Scharp has been a member of IVA’s Division I Mechanical Engineering since 1980.

The Medal Committee’s explanation:

Anders Scharp MSc Eng is receiving the Great Gold Medal for his important contributions as head of Electrolux and as chairman of a long list of Sweden’s most prominent export companies. With great integrity, unique business acumen and a clear vision, he has embraced new opportunities and technologies and steadily steered the development of several globally prominent industrial companies and thereby contributed to the success of Swedish business and industry

“I am naturally very happy and honoured to be awarded IVA’s Great Gold Medal,” says Anders Scharp. 

Cristina Stenbeck

Cristina Stenbeck received her Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University in 2000. Two years later she entered the Kinnevik sphere as the Stenbeck family representative. When she became Chairman of Kinnevik in 2007 she started a journey of transformation, divesting old industry holdings and replacing them with new ones. Today Stenbeck is a member of the boards of Kinnevik, Babylon Health and Spotify. She has in the past served as Chairman of Kinnevik and a member of the boards of companies such as Zalando, Tele2 Millicom and MTG.

“I’m proud and delighted to receive IVA’s Gold Medal for successful entrepreneurship and many years of company development, and I would like to thank IVA for this honourable distinction.”

The Medal Committee’s explanation:
Director Cristina Stenbeck is receiving the Gold Medal for her successful entrepreneurship and many years of company development. As an active owner, leader and innovator, she has helped to shape the Kinnevik Group’s successful focus on new industries and technologies in global markets. Her outstanding and innovative work has contributed to the renewal and development of Swedish business and industry.

Hasse Johansson

Hasse Johanson has many years of experience in the electronics industry, including his technology development work at Philips and Atlas Copco, and within his own company Mecel AB which he started at the beginning of the 1980s. As evidenced by his work on the new generation of engines for SAAB in the 1980s, he is a pioneer in modern electronic control systems for combustion engines. Between the years of 2001 and 2009 Johansson was Vice Chairman and head of research & development at Scania CV AB. During that time mechatronics had a big breakthrough and were implemented in the company’s trucks and busses. This resulted in increased reliability and safety and improved environmental performance. Johanson has been a member of IVA’s Division I Mechanical Engineering since 2000.

“I feel very honoured to receive this distinction. I am, of course, delighted to have been recognised for my work and commitment to improving the environmental performance and energy efficiency of both light and heavy vehicles. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of my talented colleagues who have ultimately made it possible to achieve success in vehicle performance and product quality,” says Hasse Johansson.

The Medal Committee’s explanation:
Hasse Johansson MSc Eng is receiving the GoldMedal for his innovative contributions in the automotive industry. Hasse Johansson created ground-breaking technology which has been implemented in numerous light and heavy vehicle models. He also developed production processes that have increased flexibility, enhanced adaptation possibilities and improved environmental performance.

Jens Nielsen

Jens Nielsen received his MSc in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. He has a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and became Professor of Biotechnology at DTU in 1998. Ten years later he was recruited to Chalmers as Professor of Systems Biology. Systems Biology is a new research field that uses mathematical models to understand systems in living organisms. Nielsen frequently uses yeast in his research. Computer programs are used to study the metabolism in yeast cells. This knowledge can also be used to understand human cells. Nielsen’s 60-strong research team has succeeded in altering the metabolism of yeast to produce fuel and chemicals.

The Medal Committee’s explanation:

Professor Jens Nielsen is receiving IVA’s Gold Medal for his innovative and creative research in systems biology. His research is at the intersection of engineering sciences and biology and is demonstrating how biotechnology is an alternative to traditional chemical engineering in the production of simple chemicals. He has also established a large body of work focusing on clinical applications.

“It is fantastic to receive a distinction like IVA’s Gold Medal. I’m really impressed by IVA’s work in Swedish society. IVA’s Gold Medal is therefore a special honour because I not only regard it as recognition of my research, but also of how our research is benefitting society at large,” says Jens Nielsen.

“IVA’s 2017 medallists have made important contributions to research and industry. Their work has contributed to positive development in society in several important areas,” says IVA’s President Björn O. Nilsson.

The Gold Medals will be presented by HRH Prince Carl Philip at Stockholm Concert Hall on Friday, 27 October in connection with IVA’s Annual Meeting.

The Medal Committee that chose the medallists consisted of the following IVA members

Arne Kaijser, Chairman of the Medal Committee
Marie Schrewelius Arwidson
Anders Ekblom
Camilla Modéer
Rolf Skoglund
Peggy Bruzelius
Lars Strömberg
Krister Holmberg

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Photo Anders Scharp and Jens Nielsen: Daniel Roos
Photo Hasse Johansson: Sebastian Lamotte
Photo Cristina Stenbeck: Kinnevik 

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