CAETS 2019: Engineering a better world - the next 100 years

We are very excited to announce that the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is hosting the yearly conference for the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) the 25th-28th of June 2019 in Stockholm.
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The aim of the conference is to look ahead into the unknown future of engineering sciences by focusing on some of the societal challenges engineering academies must take on to be relevant. The conference will highlight new tools that future engineers need to embrace and master as well as new structures of creative interactions.

The opening session of the conference will focus on what engineering and technological science has accomplished in the last 100 years, focusing on major scientific and engineering accomplishments that have greatly influenced society and the scientific world.  Following the opening session, topics have been selected to represent some of the future challenges facing society.

The following sessions will focus on how engineering science will have to morph into the future. Selected topics are; Creative Chaos, Inclusive Infrastructure, Effective Education and Digital Dawn. Our hope is that the seminar sessions will result in discussions regarding the future of engineering and the role of an engineer, which will be disscused during the concluding session. 

Along with interesting seminars and discussions we have a social program where guests will experience Stockholm at its best and have time to interact with the fellow participants and speakers.

Information and registration