Commemorative Booklet 2020

Each year the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) produces a booklet commemorating a person whose scientific, engineering, economic or industrial achievements were of significant benefit to the society of his or her days. The person to be recognized in the booklet must have been born at least 100 years ago. The commemorative booklet is published in conjunction with the Academy’s Annual Meeting.

This year we acknowledge Lise Meitner, who gave the theoretical explanation of fission. She launched the revolutionizing idea that when uranium is bombarded with neutrons nuclear fission occurs releasing large amounts of energy. Her theory was the foundation for the construction of nuclear reactors, utilized for nuclear power energy supply as well as for research and development of neutron scattering, a method which will be applied for materials science in ESS and other excellent research. Lise Meitner was distinct about possibilities and risks of new scientific findings and she is thus a role model for young researchers.

This commemorative booklet is written by Professor em. Anders Bárány

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