E-battle: Students in years 7–9 become entrepreneurs for a day

What’s it like to be an entrepreneur? Some 20 students in years 7–9 around Sweden will have the chance to experience it when they start school in August. Behind the nationwide initiative called Entreprenörskapskampen (Battle of the Entrepreneurs) or E-kampen (E-battle), is the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and STARTcentrum.

“A modern form of the ‘Vi i femman’ quiz show for year 5 students, but this time with a focus on enterprise. E-battle is a new and exciting concept for schools and students in years 8 and 9 aimed at establishing the art of being an entrepreneur in Sweden,” says IVA’s Johan Carlstedt who is in charge of the E-battle project.

Over two days students will have the opportunity to experience and learn about entrepreneurship and enterprise through creative activities. They will also come up with their own business concepts, which will be tested in practice, allowing them to actually feel and understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. There will be materials for both teachers and students, exercises, instructions, teacher support and information available thoughout the process. 

“The students will discuss the concept of entrepreneurship and reflect on the qualities an entrepreneur has. Through various exercises the following questions will be answered: What is an entrepreneur? Who are entrepreneurs? What qualities do entrepreneurs have and what types of ideas do they want to become reality?” says Mia Carlen of STARTcentrum.

E-battle is also a competition. The students will produce a film in which they talk about their entrepreneurial journey during the E-battle programme and they will have the chance to win SEK 30,000 for their class. A jury consisting of talented entrepreneurs will judge the films submitted based on set criteria and    choose a winner.

E-battle is part of IVA’s long-term initiatives focusing on World-Class Knowledge and Entrepreneurship for the Future.

Read more about E-battle here!

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