Emmanuelle Charpentier, new member of IVA

At the most recent Assembly of the Academy, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) inducted six new international members. Microbiologist and biochemist Emmanuelle Charpentier is one of the inductees.

Emmanuelle Charpentier (born 1968) was elected as an international member. Emmanuelle Charpentier gained her PhD in microbiology at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. She is most known for her work developing so-called CRISPR/Cas9 technology during her time at Umeå University in cooperation with Jennifer Doudna of the University of California, Berkeley.  CRISPR/Cas9 is a tool resembling “genetic scissors” that make it possible to simply and precisely modify genes within organisms. The method is based on natural mechanisms relating to how bacteria change their genetic make-up to defend themselves against viruses. Through her research Emmanuelle Charpentier has opened the door for new opportunities at labs all around the world.

Mikko Hupa (born 1952) was elected as an international member. Mikko Hupa is a professor and has been Rector of Åbo Akademi Finland since 2015. Professor Hupa gained an engineering degree from the Åbo Akademi University’s Department of Chemical Engineering in 1975 and then a PhD in 1980. His research fields are traditional inorganic chemistry, high temperature chemistry and high temperature corrosion as well as applications in bioceramics.

Wilhelm Krull (born 1952) was elected as an international member. Wilhelm Krull has served as Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation since 1996. He has a PhD in philosophy and has been a DAAD lecturer at the University of Oxford. Krull has served as an expert in national and international contexts, including his participation in the OECD team for scientific, university-related research and in the Monitoring Panel for the EU’s Fourth and Sixth Framework Programmes.

Pekka Lundmark (born 1963) was elected as an international member. Pekka Lundmark has an MSc in Engineering and is the President and CEO of Fortum. He started his career at Nokia and has served as President and CEO of the crane manufacturer Konecranes and of the design firm Hackman. He served as CEO of Konecranes for eleven years and during that time he moved the company’s head office to Singapore. Lundmark has served as Chairman of Marimekko.

Bin Ning (born 1959) was elected as an international member. Professor Bin Ning is President of Beijing Jiaotong University [DH1] and works at the State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety. He has contributed to research and development of systems for high-speed trains and rail systems in urban environments. Professor Bin Ning has played a key role in designing solutions for control, operation, safety and reliability of rail systems in China. He has close ties with Sweden through his work in rail and transport systems and through his collaboration with Swedish universities.

Thomas Wilhelmsson (born 1949) was elected as an international member. In 1980 Thomas Wilhelmsson received his Doctor of Laws degree at the University of Helsinki and two years later he was appointed Professor of Civil and Commercial Law. He has been the director of numerous large research projects and has led or participated in a number of legislative committees in Finland and at the European level. Wilhelmsson is a member of the Board of Stockholm University and in 2011 he received the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation award for contributions to jurisprudence.

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