Eva Hamilton: “RTM is an incredible experience”

The destination for IVA’s 24th RTM (Royal Technology Mission) was the USA. The delegation consisted of around thirty delegates from research, industry and the public sector who visited New York, Washington and Boston. The head of the delegation was IVA’s Chairman Leif Johansson and H.M. the King was among the delegates. During the first two days the delegation visited businesses and institutions in New York and Washington.

 “RTM is an informative experience in which the delegates learn from the interesting organisations they visit and from each other. I think it’s great for everyone involved and for Sweden,” says IVA’s Chairman and head of the delegation Leif Johansson. “The presentations of artificial intelligence in the expert systems within the computers at IBM and artificial intelligence at Google Jigsaw were really interesting. It’s fascinating to see how fast things are developing.”

The destinations in New York included IBM, Nasdaq, Google and the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). At NYAS young people from the Junior Academy presented the science projects they had been working on with young people from all around the world. The King presented diplomas to new IVA international members President and CEO of NYAS Ellis Rubinstein and Mikael Dolsten, President of Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development (WRD).

“RTM is an incredible experience! It’s an exclusive opportunity to listen to speakers talking about topics ranging from Blockchain to American domestic policy, robotics at NASA and artificial intelligence. The fact that it’s a well-composed group with the King and Leif Johansson at the helm only increases the value of the trip,” says Eva Hamilton, Chairman of IVA’s Business Executives Council.

In Washington the delegates met with Congressman Randy Hultgren who is of Swedish descent and is a member of the US Congress Committee on Science, Space and Technology. The delegates also visited NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center [DH1] where Nobel Laureate John Mather talked about his research.

Ambassador of Sweden to the United States[DH2] , Björn Lyrvall, who participated in the entire RTM, believes that the mission demonstrates the great relationship Sweden has with the USA.

“The RTM is an incredibly interesting concept where business leaders, academics, engineers and students explore technology together. The USA is at the forefront in automation and digitalisation and we’ve had an update on the latest trends in areas such as artificial intelligence,” says Björn Lyrvall. “At all of the visits we’ve heard about the strong ties between the companies and Sweden.”

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Photo: Elin Vinger Elliot