Five proposals for Swedish research

Increase long-term public investment in research, give university boards a clear mandate and produce an internationalisation strategy. These are a few of the recommendations in the final report from a project of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) called Research Outlook.

Today the final report Challenges, roles and conditions för Swedish research was released by IVA’s Research Outlook project. The report contains concrete proposals for policy-makers to improve the Swedish research system and its competitiveness.

“The best possible conditions in an international perspective to support research, innovation and value-creation are essential if Sweden is to be competitive in an increasingly globalised world,” says Gunnar Svedberg, Chairman of Research Outlook.

The project has been involved in analysis, workshops, conferences and publishing reports for three and a half years to improve the knowledge base and inform the debate about the Swedish research system. The Research Outlook Steering Committee is made up of decision-makers from several of Sweden’s most importing research funding organisations. The project’s main areas of focus are specific challenges facing the public sector research system and the situation for universities.

The report presents five measures to strengthen the Swedish research system:

1. Increase public investment in research and innovation.
2. Improve the research policy analysis and evaluation system.
3. Determine whether development contracts between the Government and universities should be introduced in Sweden.
4. Give university boards a more clearly defined mandate and mission, and improve work processes.
5. Improve the conditions for internationalisation of research and higher education.

Read more about Research Outlook here.

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