Good Cities of the Future – planning with municipal authorities

The IVA project Good Cities of the Future is entering phase II. The knowledge and insights that emerged from the project will be used to make concrete contributions to urban development in seven Swedish municipalities.

This autumn a number of workshops will be held around Sweden. The main theme is how the project’s conclusions can be put to the best use by those locally responsible for urban development.

Examples of municipalities and themes to be discussed:

  • Volume purchasing meets housing in Kungens Kurva
  • Sustainable urban infill in central Gävle
  • Digitalisation of the planning process in Örebro
  • Lower rent housing in Gothenburg
  • Development of Porsön in Luleå
  • Knowledge-driven urban development in Linköping
  • Urban infill and reduction of urban “gaps” in Malmö

Each workshop will begin with an inspirational lecture by an expert on the chosen theme. IVA will provide support in the form of process management and digital tools allowing as many participants as possible. The result of the work carried out during the project within the framework of the four sub-projects will be used in the development work of the municipal authorities. 

Contact information

Staffan Eriksson
Director Technology in Society
Phone +46 8-791 29 53