Hans Dalborg, Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon, Lena Olving and Max Tegmark to be awarded IVA’s Gold Medals

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) announces this year’s Gold Medallists who are being recognised for their outstanding contributions in technology, economics, business and society. The medals will be presented by H.M. The King during the Annual Meeting of the Academy and centennial celebration on 25 October.

“Our future is not something that just happens, it’s something we create. We want to celebrate the knowledge heroes who are doing exceptional work and driving change in technology, economics and society,” says Tuula Teeri, President of IVA.

The jury explains its selection of the 2019 IVA Gold Medallists as follows:

· The Academy’s Great Gold Medal is awarded to Hans Dalborg, PhD Econ. for his achievements in developing the Swedish finance sector and the Swedish model for corporate governance, in combination with his commitment to social issues involving significant contributions to research and culture.

· The Academy’s Gold Medal is awarded to Daniel Ek, Chairman and Martin Lorentzon, D.Eng. h.c., for creating the company Spotify which has fundamentally changed the music industry and put an end to music piracy. As innovators and entrepreneurs, they have built one of the few (possibly the only) European tech companies that has succeeded in competing with Chinese and American giants.

· The Academy’s Gold Medal is awarded to Lena Olving, MSc Eng. for her achievements as an innovator and leader of businesses at the front lines of technology. Her progressive and ground-breaking leadership makes her a role model for leaders of technically advanced companies in a global market.

· The Academy’s Gold Medal is awarded to Professor Max Tegmark for his contributions to our understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos and the opportunities and risks associated with artificial intelligence. He has courageously tackled these existential questions in his research and, in a commendable way, succeeded in communicating the issues to a wider public.

The medals will be presented by H.M. The King during the Annual Meeting of the Academy and centennial celebration on 25 October in the presence of T.M. The King and Queen and H.R.H Prince Daniel. Around 1,000 guests from the business community, academia and the political sphere are expected to attend the ceremony at the Aula Medica auditorium as well as the festivities that will follow at Stockholm City Hall.

See the press invitation for information on when the media is welcome to participate!

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