IVA is helping to develop cities

Developing cities and population centres is primarily a task for the municipal authorities. IVA, through the project “Good Cities of the Future,” is therefore working with nine municipalities – from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. The knowledge and insights that have emerged from the project are being used to make real contributions to urban development in some municipalities.

The goal is to spread knowledge and insights among those with local responsibility for urban development. IVA arranges workshops where inspiring lectures stimulate discussion about current issues. The Academy provides support in the form of process management and digital tools that enable broad participation.

At every workshop the participants are those who will be implementing change. 30–40 people work together for half a day. Attendees have been politicians and civil servants, individuals representing property owners, construction clients, retail and the service sector, as well as researchers and other relevant experts.

Municipalities and themes:

  • Volume purchasing meets housing in Kungens Kurva, Huddinge
  • Sustainable urban infill in central Gävle
  • Digitalisation of the planning process in Örebro
  • Lower rent housing in Gothenburg
  • Development of Porsön in Luleå
  • Knowledge-driven urban development in Linköping
  • Urban infill and reduction of the urban “gaps” in Malmö


IVA will continue to work with municipalities during the first part of 2018. The project will be concluded during the Almedal Week when politicians will gather in Visby in election year 2018. Reports and other materials from the project can be downloaded at www.iva.se.


Contact information

Staffan Eriksson
Director Technology in Society
Phone +46 8-791 29 53