IVA names Peter Wallenberg Jr, Jan-Eric Sundgren and Mary Walshok as Honorary Members

This year, in connection with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100th anniversary, three Honorary Members have been named.
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The new Honorary Members are Peter Wallenberg Jr, Jan-Eric Sundgren and Mary Walshok and they are being recognised for their achievements in advancement in the areas of research, talent supply, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Peter Wallenberg Jr, Mary Walshok and Jan-Eric Sundgren

IVA brings together the knowledge and experience of more than 1,200 Academy members and 250 companies. 

“It’s a great honour to be inducted as an Honorary Member. I’m even more delighted that it’s happening during a jubilee year. IVA has an important role to play as a forum for meetings between industry, the public sector, academia and the political sphere. This is something we also consider an important mission within the Wallenberg Foundations. Sweden is a small country in a global perspective and we all need to come together to make sure that Swedish research can hold its own in the global competition,” says Peter Wallenberg Jr, Chair of the Wallenberg Foundations.

“Our future is not something that just happens, it’s something we create. We want to recognise in particular these three inspiring leaders for driving change and helping to make Sweden more competitive – both inside and outside academia,” says Tuula Teeri, President of IVA.

The following three Honorary Members will be inducted at IVA’s Annual Meeting at City Hall in October, fittingly during the celebration of the Academy’s 100th anniversary:

Peter Wallenberg Jr is Chair of nine of the 16 public foundations created by members of the Wallenberg family or to honour their memory under the collective name of the Wallenberg Foundations. He is also involved in the engineering industry, private equity and the hotel industry as a member of the boards of Atlas Copco, Scania and EQT, and as Chair of Grand Hôtel Stockholm.

Peter Wallenberg Jr, who is a member of IVA’s Education and Research Policy division, has demonstrated a strong personal commitment to IVA’s activities, including as an active member of the Business Executives Council and in division activities. He was also an initiator/catalyst for the creation of IVA’s Jobbsprånget project. He is Chair of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation which, through its systematic and large-scale investments in excellent research and top young researchers, has indisputably advanced both the engineering and economic sciences as well as the development of industry for the benefit of society and Sweden’s competitiveness.

Mary Walshok has a PhD in Sociology and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of California San Diego and at the Stockholm School of Economics in the years 1998–2005.

She has been an international member of IVA since 1998. She has been involved in IVA’s activities for many years and in promoting research-based, innovation-driven enterprise. She is probably the international member who has been the most active over the past 20 years. She has made important contributions to IVA’s work focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. As founder of Connect in San Diego she was one of the key people in IVA’s creation of Connect in Sweden. Connect’s concept is to connect entrepreneurs with capital and expertise at an early stage.

Jan-Eric Sundgren is a Doctor of Engineering and a professor. His positions include serving as President of Chalmers University of Technology and as a member of the board of AB Volvo.

For many years he has been deeply engaged in and has contributed to IVA’s activities in various ways. His contributions as Steering Committee Chair for Tekniksprånget/Jobbsprånget have been invaluable and far beyond what is expected within the framework of non-profit work.

He has been Chair of IVA’s Basic and Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences division and has participated in several other projects.

Jan-Eric Sundgren played a key role in bringing about the partnership between IVA and the New York Academy of Sciences for the Junior Academy programme. He has also been involved in research policy, including within IVA, and in European Framework Programmes etc.

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