IVA report proposes action plans to reduce food loss and waste

Global food production today accounts for a significant percentage of human impact on the environment, the climate and the planet’s natural resources. The Food subproject, which is part of IVA’s project Resource Effectiveness and the Circular Economy, therefore wants to help find ways to reduce the amount of food that is lost or goes to waste.

To contribute to this effort, IVA’s Food subproject has:

  • produced a first proposal for a national framework to establish how lost and wasted food should be defined, how companies in different parts of the food supply chain should measure and report their data on this and how it can be done in a way than allows all the data to be compiled at the national level;
  • participated in the development of a national platform where companies in the food supply chain will be part of a voluntary agreement on adopting common goals to measure, report and reduce loss and waste of food;
  • identified solutions that make it possible financially and in practice for companies throughout the food supply chain to measure and report lost and wasted food.

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The project is also presenting proposals for suitable recipients and actors to execute the action plans to reduce the loss and waste of food, and is proposing an ambitious implementation schedule. You can read more about this in the new IVA report on Food. 

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