IVA Summer Party 2017

The sun was conspicuous by its absence when IVA held its traditional Summer Party at Grev Turegatan in Stockholm. Despite the pitter-patter of rain on the marquee in IVA’s garden, the atmosphere was festive when more than 100 IVA, Business Executives Council and IRC members and Academy staff got together inside.

IVA’s Hans Bergström Award for journalism was presented for the third time at a well-attended seminar on opinion journalism. The award went to PM Nilsson, editorial writer at the Dagens industri newspaper. He was proud, delighted and a little surprised when he was presented with flowers and a certificate and received a loud burst of applause.

“Editorial writers don’t normally win journalism awards,” he said. He also thought it was particularly gratifying to win an award from an organisation like IVA.  

In a much appreciated panel discussion, Amanda Sokolnicki, editorial writer at DN, PJ Anders Linder, Editor-in-Chief at Axess and Katarina Barring, political scientist at Uppsala University deliberated on the state of opinion journalism today and how it has changed in a new media landscape. One conclusion was that fast publication and equally fast reactions in social media have energised the debate. Peter Santesson, Head of Public Opinion Analysis at Demoskop, agreed with the panel’s conclusion, summarising the situation like this: “Editorial journalism is alive and on its way into Facebook.”

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